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Louis Petits-Palais, painter artist for more than fifty years.
Born in 1939 in Nice.

Petits-Palais is the translation of the patronymic name: Pallazzetti
   (italian by his father and austrian by his mother).
Idealistic painter (out of trends) since 1954-1965 (announced painting college).
Silver medal 1964 of independant artists in PACA (Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur).
Permanent membre of the independant artists of Nice, Association founded in 1946 ;
   president Miss Thérèse Marfia.
Co-founder of the idealism in painting with Miss JEC. Acland (1905-1979),
   daughter of the admiral Colin Mackenzie (1875-1969) from the Royal Navy.
Foundation of painting college discussed since 1965 in Tourrettes-sur-Loup (06490) and Vence (06).


Numerous exhibitions on the French Riviera since 1956:

  • Tourrettes-sur-Loup: Local school, Exhibition of the Castle, Town hall
  • Saint-Paul de Vence: Communal house, ...
  • Grasse: Crédit Agricole, Social organisms, House of Culture, ...
  • Nice: Ferrero (1980), Crédit Municipal (1985)
  • Cannes: Exhibitions of the port (Period 1964-1976),
    Room of Sales (Painting on canvas and glass) (Period 1989-1991)
  • Vence: Exhibition of the grand place (1968), Crédit Agricole,
    Gallery of the ash: J Martin (1978), Meetings with the gallery Chave.
  • Paris: Gallery Stern Frédéric-Robert "Promoting new painters"
    11 Rue Faustin Hélie 16e (1995), 2003 : exhibition cancelled for health reason.
  • Versailles: Commercial services of the castel (1996),
    and other deposits (1998-99). Miss BOUFFE.
  • Epineuil and area: various exhibitions and artistic events.
  • 2003: Important article in the "Echo du Berry", regional weekly newspaper.
  • 2005: Occasional works deposits at Paris Drouot.

Average prices of works

Average prices of works (depending of the format) :
From 300 €, up to 800/1000 €